LATEST EPISODE: Oooo That's Changed

Preseason is almost over and time to finally get going in the Premier League. Jon and Jason are joined by Jordi as they watch Watford’s take on Sevilla in a transitional Vicarage Road. What will the starting XI be, How are the new boys fitting in and what will their changing room names be?

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Sunday, 2 August 2015

PODCAST: Oooo That's Changed

With excitement reaching new levels ahead of the new season, we thought it was about time we recorded another podcast. With Mike away at a gruelling pre-season training camp (Devon with the kids) Jon and Jason are joined at the Sevilla friendly by Jordi to discuss the impending assault on the Premier League...

What will the starting XI be at Everton? How do you pronounce the new signings? What will their nicknames be? Where will Watford finish? All these questions and more are answered as we cast our eyes over the new look Watford during the last pre-season friendly at a rapidly changing Vicarage Road Stadium.

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Come on you Horns!

Monday, 13 July 2015

PODCAST: We're Back!

We’re still a month away from the big kick off, but with the squad taking shape and pre-season friendlies well underway, we thought it was about time we gave the all new From the Rookery End Premier League microphone a run out and got out there amongst it. When the news broke that the friendly with AFC Wimbledon coincided with their annual beer festival, the decision to attend was effectively taken out of our hands. We would be there…

The day turned out to be all we’d hoped with glorious weather and familiar Hornets’ faces at every turn. As you’ll hear on the podcast, there was plenty to discuss – the new manager, the ongoing changes to the stadium and facilities, player arrivals and departures – as per usual we weren't left wanting for discussion points.
Hear from Heurelho
We were also blessed with two fantastic guests. Football Manager supremo and lifelong Watford supporter Miles Jacobson took time out to tell us about his affinity for Wimbledon and his hopes for Watford this season, whilst promotion hero Heurelho Gomes gave us a fascinating insight as to what is was like to play in such a hard fought season, as well as telling us exactly what it’s like to play in goal for Brazil.

As ever, the podcast is free to download from iTunes or you can listen via the player at the top of the page.

Enjoy and Come on you Horns!

Tuesday, 7 July 2015


Pre-season in Florida. It was cold. 
Rejoice, for football is back! Sort of.

This week sees the start of Watford's pre-season fixtures, with games against St Albans and AFC Wimbledon providing some welcome actual, real-life football to think about. The visit to Wimbledon is particularly noteworthy as not only does it coincide with a beer festival, not only does it provide an opportunity to win the first silverware of the season but it will also see us recording our first podcast of the new season. Plenty of reasons to be cheerful.

Which is rare for this stage of the season. You see, I've fallen out of love with pre-season friendlies. To be honest, I can't remember a good one. I remember going to Amersham Town to watch us in action shortly after a previous promotion to the Premier League. I was young, excitable and hoping to see the new kit. Watford wore their old one. For some reason my brother and I drove to Northampton for a pre-season game. We were on the M1 before we realised our brains were broken. I even went to see some pre-season baseball, but had to leave early because it was so cold. In Florida. It's never cold in Florida!

In fact, the only fond pre-season memory I can muster is a home game with Charlton some years ago. The game was instantly forgettable, but a meeting with John Motson and the taking of a rather stylish photograph of Vicarage Road rescued the visit from the usual disaster and disdain.

Am I alone though? There must be some of you out there with happy memories of some of these games? Here at FTRE we want to know, so here's our question to you:

What's your favourite ever pre-season friendly and why?

Leave your answers by posting a comment below and maybe, just maybe, you'll persuade me that these games aren't so bad after all...

Come on you Horns!